President - Martin J E Daniels

SUGCR Vice Master 1977 / 78

SUGCR Master 1978 / 79

I live on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire with my wife Caroline, also an ex SUGCR master, close to my home towers of Romsey Abbey and Sherfield English., where I am tower captain.

I have recently stopped working as a Civil Engineer and spend much of my time, you guessed it, ringing both tower and hand bells. The rest of my time I enjoy brewing beer, DIY, swimming, cycling, growing vegetables and watching Rugby Union.

I was taught to ring, along with my two brothers by my parents in 1973 - a family affair. In 1976 I joined SUGCR and soon discovered the enjoyment of ringing with a group students of my age, the freedom of ringing without being corrected by Dad and the even greater pleasure of drinking many pints of  Marston's Pedigree.

Since then I have made many friends through ringing around the UK whilst working on numerous civil engineering projects. I have always found ringers welcoming and the friendships forged at University are special. It is a really great opportunity to meet up at the annual dinner and I urge all past members to join us in future years. They have changed a lot since the gathering of 30+ at the Busketts Lawn Hotel!




Master - Sam Senior

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m from Kent and am studying for a PhD in Next Generation Computational Modelling, looking at extreme nonlinear effects in gas-filled hollow optical fibres. I’ve been ringing for a little over a decade now, though since joining SUGCR I’ve gotten much more into ringing.

Going to SUGCR has been a great experience that I’ve enjoyed every second of. Ringing with people your own age makes it much more fun, and with everyone being very friendly and welcoming it’s easy to fit in. Apart from the ringing, we have regular socials as a group of friends as well. I would recommend coming along to one of our practices if you’re interested in ringing or already ring, there’s always a lot of fun to be had at them!

Vice Master - Oliver Hughes

Holler at Oliver to hurry him in his biography-writing

Secretary - Ed Longman

Hi, I'm Ed. I'm reading Electrical and Electronic Engineering, although not many books are involved! I learned to ring at local churches and look forward to going back to my home church to be part of them and ring with them. Being part of the Guild at the Uni has seen me go from someone quite timid with bells and unsure of what to do, to progressing very quickly with the help over the years.

Having help from other students has been invaluable as they are patient as they often still remember their learning stages. The friendliness of all here is fantastic and I hope anyone that joins us feels the same. Do contact the master or any of the committee if you are coming to Southampton.

Treasurer - Rachel

Rachel will not be glacial, in her biography-writing.

Social Secretary - Alex Sadler

Alex will affix his biography soon.