President - Noel Gibbin

SUGCR Master 1985

SUGCR Vice Master 1984

Ringing has been a huge part of my life since I learnt to ring at Guildford Cathedral at the age of 8. Since then I have rung at Oatlands, Epsom and now Caterham, all in Surrey, where I have been tower captain for too many years. I am also currently the Master of the Surrey Association. I was at Southampton University from 83 to 87, studying Civil Engineering and I was Master in 1985. I met my ringing wife, Susan (nee Morrision) through SUGCR, and now have two ringing daughters (what are the chances of that), one of whom also joined SUGCR. The ringing family and connection with the SUGCR is completed by a brother, Michael, SUGCR Master (1984)! Although not a prolific peal ringer, I do seem to have rung and conducted more than most for the SUGCR (but nothing too complicated like Grandsire or Stedman).

I am delighted and honoured to be President of SUGCR for 2020 to 2023 and look forward to supporting and ringing with them through this time. 


Master - Joshua Watkins

Hi, I’m Josh, Master for 2022. I’m a first year medical student here at the University of Southampton, so after spending most of my days studying at the hospital it is a welcome release to come ringing in and around the city. I’ve been ringing for 9 and a half years and am pleased to say that moving to Soton has accelerated my learning and added to my love of ringing. I have quarter, peal (a little, grudgingly, they tell me I get a choice in the matter... but do I really? No.) and teaching experience both from ringing at home in Suffolk and now from university. I look forward to playing the best role I can in this society, and look forward to much more ringing!

Vice Master - Luke Brooke

Hi, I’m Luke and I am the Vice-Master for SUGCR in 2022. I am currently a third year maths student at the University of Southampton and am loving the ringing that we get to do here!

I started ringing at my home tower in Christchurch in 2013, but since coming to Southampton my ability had come along enormously due to the amazing Ringers that we have here. It is amazing to be part of this society and I look forward to hhelping other progress here too!

Secretary - Charles Southcott

I started bell ringing at Southampton when I joined the university, I met Josh at the Freshers Fair. I have found it a wonderful way to relax once a week, meeting new people and seeing parts of Southampton I would not have seen.  

The friendliness of all of us here is fantastic and I hope anyone that joins us feels the same. Do contact me or anyone else on the committee if you are coming to Southampton!

Treasurer - Cassandra Hawthorn

My ringing background being in Nottinghamshire, I have greatly enjoyed the unique experience that SUGCR provides while I study Mathematics and French in Southampton. The members of the Guild have been more passionate and welcoming than I could have imagined, and I am very happy to be treasurer on such an amicable committee and for such a special society.

Co-Social Secretary - Emily Thompson

Hi, I’m Emily, I’m a third year Maths student and began ringing over ten years ago in Essex. Here in Southampton, I have (begrudgingly) rang Quarters and been on recent tours. I hope to make the social events calendar full of fun things along with Co-Social Secretary Marco. Feel free to reach out for any information regarding upcoming social :) 

Co-Social Secretary - Marco Monteiro

Hey, my name is Marco and I am studying Mathematics. I started ringing at the beginning of 2022 and have been enjoying it since then. I have been on many tours and the community is really supportive and it's a great break from my normal studies. Gradually getting better and starting to learn methods -what more can I want? 

With my Co-Social Secretary, Emily, we plan to make fun events for the members to unwind and have something to look forward to in their calendars.